Περιγραφή εικόνας
Περιγραφή εικόνας



Imathia (Greek: Ημαθία [imaˈθia]) is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the region of Central Macedonia, Northern Greece. The capital of Imathia is the city of Veroia.


The Prefectureof Imathiais described as one of the most productive regions of Greecein the Primary Sector, emphasizing mainly in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. The Total Cultivation Area amounts about704.036 acres or 41% of the total area of Imathia. Approximately560.000 acres or 80% of the Total Cultivation Area is watered through irrigation infrastructure.


The most dynamic cultivation in the area is stone fruit cultivation (peaches, nectarines, apricots etc). The fruit production is mainly oriented for Exports, satisfying the international market's demand. Due to the specialization in fruits in the area, a plethora of processing, sorting and packaging facilities are met, assisting in the vertical exploitation of the added value of fruits.


Imathia is also in the crossroad of Transport Infrastructures, making the delivery of goods in the international markets easier. In specific, the railway from Thessaloniki to Florina and the important railway from Thessaloniki to Athens pass through Imathia, with main stations at Platy, Veroia and Alexandreia. The motorways A2 (Egnatia Odos) (Igoumenitsa - Ioannina - Veroia - Thessaloniki) and A1 (Athens - Lamia - Larissa - Thessaloniki) and the Greek National Roads EO1, EO4 and EO4a pass through Imathia. Thessaloniki, the main gate for air, land and sea transports of Northern Greece and the Balkans is only 60 km away from Veroia.